Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ask the Bar Man, Jeff Faile

Part of my job is to describe certain liquors and answer questions about how people should make drinks at home. If we're busy at the bar, it's hard for me to go as in depth as I'd like to. Our "Ask the Bar Man" feature in the bar newsletter allows you to ask any and all questions you'd like. Fire away! Send your questions to

Q: What do you drink when you go out? -- Jessica from Dupont Circle

A: I get asked that all the time, and it really is such a hard question to answer. Many things factor in to it: mood, weather, company, setting all have some say to what I’ll ask for.  After a busy Saturday night shift, more than likely it will be a bourbon neat if I head home. If I go out, perhaps I’ll go with a cold beer and a shot. See? 

Behind all the cocktails, sometimes I’m as simple as they come. If I’m home on a random night, I’ll often make a Manhattan, Old Pal, or a Negroni.  If I’m out to dinner, I’ll choose wine most of the time unless it’s a friend of mine behind the bar or I see an interesting combination on the cocktail list.

All in all, I don’t have one go to answer when people ask me that. It’s all about experiencing new things for me. I rarely order the same drink at a place just so I can see the array of what a place has to offer. Isn’t that what life is all about anyway?


Bar Manager Jeff Faile