Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ask the Bar Man

Q: Jeff, what is your least favorite drink? – Emmet, Annapolis

A: This is a pretty easy one for me. It has to be the Long Island Iced Tea. I’m not trying to be a liquor or drink snob here. I’ve actually enjoyed a LIT many times especially in my younger days. Through school, I  practically lived off the Tuesday night special of $7 PITCHERS of them at the local watering hole. As you can imagine, I may have overindulged a time or two with that price and a college student’s budget. Now, we’ve all been there. For some it was tequila, others it was gin. For me? Long Island Iced Tea. I can barely type the name of the drink without having fuzzy flashbacks of horrible mornings.

I thought I was over the college-era drinking until one night when I lived in Philly. As a 20 something, I found a dive of a bar that had a Long Island Iced Tea special on Sundays. Huge mistake. Over a couple of hours, friends and I drank the cheapest of the cheap spirits not caring what the next day held. Forget the 9am meeting, I thought. Full steam ahead. Never have I felt worse. 

See, there’s the thing. When you’re drinking a LIT, you get the poorest quality spirit in most bars. They’re not pouring from their back bar. They’re reaching for spirits that cost them about $.10 an ounce. You’re not getting high quality at that price, and you’re not going to feel great the next day. 

Obviously, we don’t have those cheap spirits here at Fiola, but you’re still taking in quite a bit of alcohol. Ask one of us behind the bar to make you something delicious. You’ll thank us the next day.