Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When it Comes to Wine ...

We have entered a season change. We are nearing the end of summer . . . but not yet in the fall.  The catch is, a lot of fall flavors and ingredients are emerging (anyone else looking forward to pumpkin spiced lattes?) and we need a wine that can work with anything. 

Enter the “Orange Wine”...

COS Rami
Orange wines are a style of making white wine that dates back into antiquity, before modern winemaking techniques. A white wine that is allowed to rest on the grape skins for longer and then is often exposed to more oxygen and aged in amphora or oak. 

Azienda Agricola COS, usually just called “COS”, is a winemaker from Sicily that is known for a natural and biodynamic style. This wine “Rami” is made from Inzolia/Grecanico, two local indigenous grapes that the majority of consumers have never heard of. 

This wine is a delicious gateway to the orange wine world. Rami conveys the vibrancy of orange peel and pear with a wonderful honeyed richness as well. Drink it with anything other than a salad. 

When you stop in, I can show you a few more advanced orange wine options too…

I have a bottle waiting for you,
John Toigo