Friday, July 19, 2013

Recipe Corner: Gimlet

The Gimlet is a fantastic summertime drink. While most have been introduced to this drink with artificially sweetened lime juice, I think it is improved tremendously with fresh lime and simple syrup.

There are plenty of options for a gimlet. It can be done with vodka or gin, up or on the rocks. 

Me? I prefer it with a nice botanical gin and on the rocks on a hot summer day. Make one of these when you’re sweltering away on your porch. You’ll be glad you did.

2 oz Gin
.75 oz fresh lime juice
.75 oz simple syrup

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass. Add ice. Shake. Strain into either a martini glass or over fresh ice. Sip. Smile. Repeat as necessary. 

Bar Manager Jeff Faile