Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cocktail Corner

President Obama’s second term will be inaugurated on January 22 so for a limited time we’re mixing up a classic rum cocktail, El Presidente, to mark the occasion.  The El Presidente is a Prohibition-era cocktail of Cuban origin (though accounts differ as to exactly where and by whom), created for Americans who wanted to drink legally during Prohibition in an exotic locale. 
Jeff Faile's El Presidente Cocktail
Jeff Faile's El Presidente cocktail

Aged rum gives the El Presidente a rounded smoothness, while white, semi-dry French style vermouth lends earthiness. Curaçao provides the sweet notes, tempered by the tart vibrancy of grenadine.

No matter what your political persuasion, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate with this colorful cocktail classic.  The El Presidente will be available from Thursday, January 17 through Tuesday, January 22 for Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike – this drink is nonpartisan!


Jeff Faile
Bar Manager & Mixologist
Jeff Faile