Thursday, January 10, 2013

White Truffle Festival!

This month we kick off our second annual white truffle promotion, providing you with an exclusive opportunity to treat yourself to this rare luxury at cost. For a limited time only, you can choose your own truffle from our daily selection of different sizes, and we’ll shave it over your dishes tableside. This is a special chance to experience the nutty, funky aroma and flavor of white truffle at an exceptional price! Ask your server for details, and check our menu for a host of "truffle-friendly" dishes.

A selection of white truffles from Fabio's home region of Le Marche!
Chef Fabio first tasted white truffles when he was 18; his father, Giuseppe was 50 when he first tried them! And what did he say at that moment? "Bestiale!" he exclaimed, which is hard to translate, but means "pretty darn great!" We know you will think so too.