Monday, January 28, 2013

Vivi in Colori! Carnevale at Fiola

Vivi in Colori ("live in color")! Paris may be the City of Lights, but Venice has long been the City of Color, and nothing exemplifies this quality of the city quite like Carnevale! The provocative vibrancy of Venetian commedia dell'arte masks and costumes, the play of light and reflection of palazzi on the canals .... and of course, the food!

On Tuesday, February 12, we invite you to Fiola to indulge in the sensual pleasure and decadence of ... 

A Venetian Masquerade 
4 Course Tasting Menu including Wine Pairing

Artichoke Hearts Venetian Style
Calamari Vicentina & BaccalĂ 
Radicchio Trevisano Lettuce & White Prosciutto

Wine:  Le Vigne di Alice, ‘Ose’ Spumante Brut Rosato,  NV

Risotto of Mussels & Clams Chioggia Style
Bigoli Pasta & Thiene Style Duck Ragu

Wine: Gini, Garganega, Soave Classico 2011

Adriatic Coast Mullet Murano Style
Guinea Hen, Luganega Sausage, Amarone

Wine: Bussola, “Ca' de Laito”, Valpolicella Superiore, Ripasso  2008

Torta Sabbiosa
Fritole de Pomi Apple Fritters

Wine:  Maculan Dindarello

$60 per person
exclusive of tax & gratuity

Live Entertainment Provided
Masks Optional!
Call 202-628-2888 or make your reservation online. We've got a table waiting for you.